CrashPlan for Home

Backup every version of every file - Forever!
ZOL is excited to introduce CrashPlan for Africa, a world-class endpoint data protection and management solution for Africa.

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Secure and access all your digital data anytime, anywhere and from any device with effortless backup and retrieval offered by CrashPlan.

Enjoy the following benefits with CrashPlan:

  • Silent & Continuous Backup: Works whenever your laptop is online.
  • Highly secure: Data encrypted before leaving your computer.
  • Efficient network usage: Optimised data transfer to get the most from your megabytes.
  • Fast recovery time: Access all of your data from anywhere.
  • Cloud storage: Direct Liquid Backbone connections – lower latency, faster backup.
  • Local support: Telephone support 24/7.

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CrashPlan Home Pricing (Incl. VAT)
Package Monthly
30GB Z$358/USD4.96
50GB Z$505/USD6.99
  • Choose a package that suits your storage requirements.
  • Each package has one user license and storage cap.
  • You can store any file type from documents to photos, music to videos, etc.
  • Up to 10 devices allowed on shared cloud storage.
  • Administration and reporting Portal.
  • Shared storage.


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